Child-Centered Learning Has Let My Pupils Down

Standpoint Magazine

Jane Mitchell was the daughter of a lorry driver. Reflecting on her education during the 1940s, she wrote: “I enjoyed the mental drill and exercise I was put through, even the memorising from our geography book of the principal rivers and promontories of the British Isles . . . It never occurred to me to question the purposes or methods of what we were made to do at school. The stuff was there to be learned, and I enjoyed mopping it up.”

Jane went on to become a classics lecturer at Reading University. It is hard to imagine a child of her background taking so academic a career route today. Then again, it is hard to imagine that such a child today would receive the rigorous education she enjoyed…

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~ by goodbyemisterhunter on May 30, 2012.

One Response to “Child-Centered Learning Has Let My Pupils Down”

  1. May I congratulate you on your excellent article in the current edition of Standpoint.
    As a retired university historian I can report that even at a ‘top’ university the quality of the historical knowledge that new undergraduates arrived with was dire, A ‘skills based’ curriculum has proved to be a disaster! I agree 100% that child-centred learning has been a complete failure. There is widespread evidence of very poor teaching in many of our schools.I hope that Gove and Wilshaw can overhaul the whole rotten system.

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