The Chaos Wrought By Progressive Education

I do not teach Dylan Page, but I know who he is. Everyone at our school knows who Dylan is. He comes and goes to lessons as he pleases, habitually swears at teachers, and is an accomplished playground bully. After a year of horrifying stories, there is not a single thing I could hear about Dylan’s behaviour that I would not believe.

During the school prize-giving ceremony at the end of the year, I was surprised to hear Dylan’s name announced. He had collected one of the largest amounts of “reward stickers” in year seven, and was due to collect a prize. Many teachers, it turned out, had taken to bribing him with these stickers in a desperate attempt to appease his unruliness. As the school applauded his name, I thought of the dozens of his classmates who had had a year of learning ruined by this one pupil. Such is the moral condition of many of today’s state schools.

Read the full article on the Standpoint website here.


~ by goodbyemisterhunter on September 27, 2012.

One Response to “The Chaos Wrought By Progressive Education”

  1. Good article. Was a teacher for 11 years. Empathise with your experiences. Seems to be endemic. Problem also to be found in leafy suburb schools which previously got ‘outstanding’ from OFSTED, but won’t now exams are getting harder, political correctness taken out of the OFSTED criteria, and better qualified teachers are entering the profession who are not prepared to tolerate this injustice. Problem also to be found in Criminal Justice System. Keep up the fight!

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