Teachers are tiring of their old unions

UnionsThe longserver is a familiar figure in school staffrooms. Most comfortable dispensing questionable wisdom from his closely guarded staffroom chair, he is last to arrive in the morning and first to leave in the evening. He has clocked up a very comfortable salary due to years of incremental pay increases, and does just enough work to avoid the school taking action to dismiss him.

It is this figure that Michael Gove’s new Pay and Conditions Document aims to prevent. From this September, all future pay decisions in schools will be based on performance, and have nothing to do with length of service. Pay in teaching is going to become like pay in, well, almost any other job in the UK.

Read the full article on the Telegraph website here.


~ by goodbyemisterhunter on September 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “Teachers are tiring of their old unions”

  1. Successive governments have over the last thirty years mounted a relentless attack on the teaching profession. This assault switches from conditions of service to salaries to pensions The process will be endlessly repeated until the teaching and lecturing professions are beaten flat. People of ability will be deterred from becoming teachers and the quality of education will suffer. Therefore the teaching unions are needed more than ever before to stop this happening.

  2. I notice from his profile below the Telegraph article that “Mr Hunter” is now a “former teacher”. Nevertheless he still feels able to write his blog about education “from the inside” and to denigrate those who have devoted a lifetime to state education. I can, however, see why Mr Hunter feels little in common with those he labels “long-servers” as his teaching career seems to have petered out after 12 months. But never mind, Michael Gove thinks he talks sense…

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